Alexander Cornelius V, the king of Dayrm is dead and has left no heir. The nobles houses are each sending envoys to Alexandria to vie for the crown and be the new ruler of the land. Each of the other houses are also hiring brigands to try and capture the noble lineage and stop them from making their journey to the capital city. Can you and your trusted knights and envoys navigate to the capital so you will have the political clout to become the new ruling house of the realm?

Each player has the same 9 cards consisting of capturing pieces and pieces that give extra points if not captured. Each turn players will play their cards representing envoys, guards, and kidnappers in 3 different paths to Alexandria. Play continues until all cards are played and points are calculated. Whoever has the most points wins the round and gains a token. First one to 3 tokens is now the new ruling kingdom of Darym.

2 – 6 Players

5 – 10 mins

8+ years